Reminders for Mar 8

Thanks to Bindu Aunty for conducting the Drama practice session on 1st March . She mentioned that 1 or two kids did not show up that made the practice a bit tricky.

Please remember the success of this play depends on all of the participants coming for regular practice. So please ensure the children come for practice without fail. However, if your child is sick, please keep them home! As COVID-19 concerns increase, this is a reminder to all parents that health is always our first priority. If you or your family has symptoms of cold, cough, fever, etc., please stay home and get rest to speed your recovery. This is a big service to our community to ensure that we contain any infection spread! Please take precautions to ensure that you stay safe.

This week we will have regular class and probably towards the end some practice.

Also remember to change the time your clocks before you go to bed tonight. With everything becoming digital, soon this reminder wont be required as the clocks automatically change

Thanks and have a nice day!