Samskrita Dinam and Annual Day Play


Last week we had a guest speaker – Akhila Suresh of Samskritha Bharathi.  She had come to talk to the children about two things:

  1. The importance of learning sanskrit and how Samskritha Bharathi’s Sanskrit As a Foreign Language (SAFL) course will help. The course can also help in getting a language credit through the school district.  But for this the school district has to be contacted to get the credits.  Samskritha Bharathi will guide you on this. More information is available here.
  2. Samskritha Dinam – Sanskrit Day is celebrated on May 3rd at the SV temple (see flyer for the event). Himalaya class can register to sing the Hayagriva Stotram.  There is also a Gita Spardha (Gita Competition).  Here is the registration form for the competition.

Chapter 12 is a very simple chapter.  If anyone needs help in learning the shlokas, please let me know and I can help out with the learning.


Balavihar Play – Karna

We have been reading the script and noticed some grammatical errors.  I have made corrections and attached the script.

There are two pdfs

  1. containing only the scenes played by Himalaya (here)
  2. full play with all scenes played by Senior and Himalaya classes (here)

All of you should know your roles by now and we will do one more round of practice tomorrow

The success of the play depends on your effort to get the lines memorized and coming for regular practice.

See you all tomorrow!