Important information for Feb 2

Dear Parents

After a long hibernation, I am back to updating the posts. First of all, I must say the children are all doing a fantastic job of reciting the Hayagriva Stotram. I myself enjoy it especially when it comes to talking about the meaning of this great stotra by Swami Vedanta Desikar.

We have completed up to the 17th Stanza. This is the part where Swami Deskian extols those lucky souls who can single-mindedly focus on the Lord and what great enjoyment they go through due to this.

NEXT WEEK: (Feb-02-2020)

This year for the Annual Balavihar Day, the Himalaya group and Senior group will be jointly presenting a play.

This years play is Karna.

Himalaya Group will be doing the part of Karna’s early stages of life and Senior Group will be doing the later stages of life. Thanks to Senior class parent Rajasekar for putting this play together and Ganesh to kindly accept to do the play with his class.

As part of this, on Feb-02-2020 (the coming Sunday), we will have a joint class with the Senior class, since we will do assignment of students to Karna play characters. To a large extent, the assignment will be done randomly. One class has more girls and the other class has more boys and so that might play into some of the assignment decisions.

We request one parent to attend class next Sunday (11.30 AM – Noon), to know what role is assigned to your child. Also, we would like your input and participation in the decision making for costumes and props. We also need your assistance in ensuring your child learns the speaking lines assigned to them and attends practice during class.

Please note that once a child is assigned a role we expect full commitment from the child for this play

See you all next week.